Industrial installations

Industrial installation offer from ENERVAL

We design and install industrial installations for various industries. Our system supports the operation of many manufacturing companies. We pay particular attention to the safety and ergonomics of our projects, as they are all based on the manufacturer's assumptions. We design customised installations that ensure the smooth operation of modern process lines. We select the best solutions that will prove themselves in extreme conditions. We take an individual approach to each project so that it is tailored to the company's specific operation. The industrial installation is inspected and checked for any possible irregularities. We oversee the commissioning of the relevant technology and train the employees involved in operating the system. The projects we have worked on are created to individual customer orders. We often undertake very complex and non-standard tasks that require a high level of commitment from us.

Today, it is difficult to imagine economic development without the use of modern technological solutions in the industry. At this stage, attention should be paid to industrial facilities which, although often obscured, have a direct impact on the development of any company and facilitate its smooth operation.

What industrial installations look like

The term industrial or process installation is extremely broad and includes all kinds of plant, machinery and equipment used in both large industrial processes and small services. Industrial installations thus include a variety of equipment used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, as well as energy or petrochemical refining industries. These range from structurally simple equipment, such as pressure vessels, to sophisticated filtration equipment.
Industrial installations also include all kinds of grinding, rectification, dedusting and drying equipment, as well as mixing, evaporation and distillation. It is important to remember that each industry has different needs and specificities, so it is extremely important to pay particular attention to these at the level of industrial building design. What are the most important issues?

It is natural that the design of plants for the agri-food industry requires conditions quite different from their design for the chemical or energy industries. For example, it is necessary to take into account the operational factors of the equipment and the materials used in their manufacture, which in some cases can be strictly defined. For example, in the case of filters, equipment of a completely different design will be needed to remove metallic contaminants (magnetic filters) and different equipment for degassing or filtering contaminants.material with high viscosity. The issue of optimising production costs also deserves special attention - the use of certain solutions may lead to cost reductions, but this does not automatically mean that the quality and speed of production will be positively affected. For this reason, one should always choose the most optimal solution that best suits the needs of the investor. A well-prepared and careful design minimises the risk of errors during subsequent casting or assembly.

There are many companies on the market that specialise in the design and installation of installations in industrial plants, so it makes sense to choose the most proven and reliable company that can guarantee certain quality and select solutions. This is the ENERVAL company. It is important that the chosen company also has the right design and technical support in selecting the right technology and equipment - all this will guarantee that the design and installation process is delivered to experienced and qualified professionals.